20. juli 2008

En lille smule luksus

Her forleden spandt jeg 50 gram brunfarvet merino, alpaca og silke, og det blev tvundet med en tynd merino/silketråd.
Virkeligt blødt.
Garnets navn er: Trold
Yesterday I spun 50 gram of brownish merino/alpaca/silk and plied the yarn with a fine merino/silk strand.
It is incredibly soft.
The name of the yarn is: Troll.

2 kommentarer:

~ P ~ sagde ...

Beautiful fiber and yarn. What do you plan on knitting with it?

zette sagde ...

Oh ~P~! There lays my most prominent problem. (I borrowed that sentence from a Shakespeare play I once saw.-) I do not know what to do with it yet...as for now I have just added it to my yarn stash.