3. januar 2009

Tarteletter med fyld

Det her er min yndlingsret:
Tarteletter med fyld bestående af Hollaidaisesovs med dild, rejer, aspargessnitter og en håndfuld ærter.
Gider man ikke at spise tarteletter, så kan man jo fylde nogle tynde pandekager med fyldet og gratinere det i ovnen med reven ost. Yummi!!!
This is my favourite dish:
Patty Shells with Hollandaise-sauce, finely chopped dill (Anethum graveolens), shrimps, little pieces of asparagus and a handfull of peas.
However if you are not up for eating Patty Shells, try it with pancakes - only difference is that you gratinate with cheese in an oven. Yumm!

3 kommentarer:

Jody sagde ...

Looks good...mmm. We spell it peas not pee. Pee means to go to the toilet hehe.

Zette sagde ...

Ups! You are so right, Jody.
Thank you.
I´m still laughing out loud while
correting the mistake. -)

~ Phyllis ~ sagde ...

They look yummy.