3. juni 2009

Mit smertensbarn

Denne double-trouble rok er mit smertensbarn.
Hun er velolieret, skruer, maiden upright mv. er justeret rigtigt.
Alt fungerer som det skal - bortsetfra de to trædepedaler. De piver...Har du nogle gode råd til hvordan man kan komme af med de lyde?
This double-trouble wheel is driving me crazy.
She is well olied, screws, maiden uprights etc. are adjusted.
Everything works as it should be, well...except for the double treadle as they are making grinding noises...Do you have any advice on how to get rid of those noises?
Tak - Thank you.

6 kommentarer:

~ Phyllis ~ sagde ...

Hello My Friend Zette,
I'm afraid that I havent't visited you in a while. Hope you are well.
Sorry you are having trouble with your Traveller wheel. I have a Traveller but mine is Scotch tension. Hope you can get it fixed.

~ Phyllis ~ sagde ...

Have you oiled the little screws that connect the front of the treadles to the legs? I give mine a good squirt in those two areas.

Jody sagde ...

Zette here is a link that I have in my favs...I also have an ashford. http://www.jb.man.ac.uk/~caj/ashjic.html
Hope you can fix it.

Zette sagde ...

Phyllis, so good to hear from you.
I am oiling the little screws as we "speak."
Thank you.

Zette sagde ...

Thank you, Jody, for the link.
I have already added it to my favs.
What a mountain of wealth that link has.
If nothing else is working for my Traveller, I am going to replace her treadles...Sigh.

Val sagde ...

Hello Zette,
Is it still making a noise. I also have a Traveller. It sometimes makes noises in the treadles. There is hinges under the left treadle that also need oiling and I put oil on the metal rods that go into the legs also. It is noiser than my other model, but I find that the sound helps me keep my rythm! Of my 3 wheels this is my favourite.
Good Luck!